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MARCH 1, 2019

Argo-P Launches Its First Event!

After a much-awaited release, Argonautica Programming (Argo-P) has launched its first event: the dodgeball tournament!


In association with BASIS Schools administration, we were able to gather a maximum 9 teams of 6-7 players and fill the bleachers with audience!


With this influx of donations, we plan to both hold more events and donate our first Chromebook to underprivileged children in downtown Phoenix.


Our next event will be a 5k run for charity hosted at Cholla park in association with the Scottsdale Parks and Recreation Department. Stay tuned for more updates.


Finally, we hope to use a great deal of these new funds to promote our efforts to mitigate illegal fishing throughout the Asian Pacific with blockchain technology from the World Wildlife Fund.


We would like to give a final big thank you to all the generous volunteers who assisted in setup, Mr. Peacher who offered his time to help us organize this event after school and during, and all those who donated to our cause.


Onward and upward!

Argo-P Launches Its First Event!
Argo-P Launches Its First Event!